India Arie Shares Clip of Joe Rogan Using the N-Word; Exemplifies Spotify Battle

India Arie provides evidence against Joe Rogan amidst the news of dropping from Spotify

India Arie has carried her battle with Joe Rogan on a new level. The songwriter recently shared a video on social media showcasing Rogan using the N-word. Moreover, she also confirmed the news of leaving Spotify following Neil Young and others.

India Arie
Instagram|India Arie

The Battle is more than just Covid misinformation!

Aria has openly discussed her issues on her Instagram page. Apart from leaving Spotify, she has also asked the platform to remove her content. Moreover, she has also given reasons for her hatred towards Joe. Reportedly, the singer finds the American commentator problematic for more reasons than just his covid interviews. Furthermore, she indicated she finds his language around race bothersome. Things do seem to be an issue now.

Insulting Black people and Using the N-word; Not hilarious rather disrespectful

In her Instagram post on Thursday, the Grammy winner posted Youtube clips of Joe Rogan. The Commentator used the N-word around two dozen times in that clip. Moreover, the singer lashed Joe by posting a clip in which he was comparing Black people to “Planet of the Apes”. This disrespectful clip is bound to attract hatred.

Joe Rogan
Instagram | Joe Rogan

Empathizing with fellow artists and Criticizing Spotify

Addressing her latest issues, the singer shared a video of herself. In the video, she said that she empathizes with artists like Young who have to leave Spotify due to the disrespectful remarks by Rogan.

Moreover, she criticized Josh’s podcast for spreading misinformation about vaccination. Furthermore, she stated that she was concerned about Josh’s racist remarks and implied that others should also delete Spotify. The singer also stated the unfair pay made by the platform, giving people like Rogan a salary greater than artists. Apparently, the artist has built a lot of hatred against Rogan.

India’s pleas in vain?

The issue is not so small anymore. Arie has been bold with her statements against Spotify and Rogan. However, neither of them has made any comment about her complaints. Furthermore, after Dwayne Johnson came into the picture, things have shifted a little.

Rogan has posted a video on Instagram promising to maintain a balance in the future. Eventually, Johnson has addressed the issue by stating that he wasn’t aware and it has been a learning experience for him. Let’s hope things are not so bitter after this.