“I flow Better Than Nicki.”: 6ix9ine’s Baby Mama Sara Molina Teases Song! Has the quest with Smokepurrp stopped now?

Daniel Hernandez, aka 6ix9ine or Tekashi69, is an American rapper and songwriter. Tekashi’s baby mama Sara Molina’s name is in highlights nowadays. She has accused 6ix9ine of violently abusing her in front of their daughter and shared details of his kidnapping. Molina has called the rapper a culture vulture, talked openly about his plea deal and made claims that he has other children. Last week, Smokepurpp declared the imprisoned rapper to be a rat when he went off on Tekashi in an Instagram clip. Before saying that he thinks she looks like a horse, he also took the opportunity to shoot his shot with Molina once again. She did not like this move of Smokepurpp.

Purrp sounds like a what?

She decided to put her atrocity on wax, and in a bit of her new song, Molina stated that she flows better than Nicki Minaj. The lyrics of Molina’s song hear her say, “Tell Purrp man up, he sounds like a b*tch.” She even slammed the father of her daughter by claiming that she can rap better than him. Bringing Nicki Minaj in the conversation, Molina uses the ‘Megatron’ rapper in the diss aimed at her imprisoned ex as she raps that her flow is better than Nicki. She even claimed that she raps better than 6ix9ine before she takes a shot at Smokepurpp by saying that he sounds like an animal.


Sara Molina and Tekashi 6ix9ine have a young daughter, Saraiyah Hernandez. 6ix9ine is presently in jail awaiting trial for alleged racketeering charges, amongst others. She is very open about what she feels about the rapper and even dissed him on Father’s Day. She shared a skit where she made fun of him by having a comedian dress as 6ix9ine, complete with the rapper’s trademark rainbow grill, rainbow hair, and face tattoos. Find out what Sara feels about her relationship with her husband here.