Hugh Hefner Defended by Hundreds of Former Employees and Playmates in an Open Letter, Amid Numerous Allegations

Everyone stepped forward to denounce the Secrets of Playboy docuseries

Hugh Hefner now has the support of hundreds of people who had associated with Playboy in the past.

An open letter was sent to PEOPLE, which was signed by former Playboy Bunnies, Playmates, employees and ex-girlfriends of the late founder. Hefner’s life continues to be discussed in great detail, even after his death in 2017 at the age of 91.

The letter

Hugh Hefner with models
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Hefner was thrust back into the limelight in the wake of the 10-part docuseries Secrets of Playboy. The series examined the “dark sides” and “hidden realities” in the Playboy empire that Hefner left behind, and told stories spanning decades.

The letter starts by addressing that all who have signed, have done so in support of Hugh M. Hefner. They went on to describe Hefner as a man of upstanding character, exceptional kindness, and dedication to free thought. The signees also recalled their time with Playboy as a period they are still fond of. The letter was mainly addressed to A&E, the producers behind the docuseries. An A&E spokesperson said that signatures or not, it still does not negate the experiences of the participants in the documentary.

Other statements

Hugh Hefner

Kimberly Conrad, Renee “Sloan” Baio, Joy Jamieson, and Barbara Hedden were among those who signed the letter. Kimberly, who had been married to Hefner from 1989 to 2010 said that all people should be encouraged to share their individual experience. However, no one should be encouraged to re-write the truth at the expense of another person’s character. She added that such allegations take light away from the true victims of sexual abuse.

Many others, including Hefner’s son Cooper have also spoken in support of him. The allegations that began with former Playboy model Holly Madison is still being discussed.