High-Rise Invasion: Shocking!! The Show’s Fate Hung by a Thread! Season 2 Details Below

Season 2 of High-Rise Invasion: What We Know So Far

‘High Rise Invasion,’ based on Tsuina Miura’s manga collection of the same name, is a strange mix of horrible characters ranging from masked assassins to butcher cooks attempting to drain blood from harmless terrace walkers, is a sight to behold.

The second season of Series High-Rise Invasion is on the way, and fans are hoping to see Haruka Shiraishi’s Yuri Honj return. It would premiere sometime in 2022, about the same time as the preceding episode. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming season so far, including news, plot, actors, rumours, and a trailer.

High-Rise Invasion

Season 2 Countdown:

Netflix Originals produced the anime High-Rise Invasion TV Show. On February 28, 2021, the series premiered on Netflix’s media streaming platform. The pilot season comprises twelve episodes. Yuri Honj was played by Haruka Shiraishi in the TV drama.

When will High-Rise Invasion Season 2 be released?

Season 2 will consist of 12 episodes once again. They will be available on Netflix shortly after their debut. The pilot episode will premiere on February 27, 2022.


High-Rise Invasion

Yuri Honjou, 16, trembles in terror and confusion as she escapes from a masked assailant after seeing a man’s head broken open with an axe, only to discover she’s stranded in an abandoned building with every door mysteriously locked. Yuri rushes to the rooftop, desperate for a way out, but she finds herself in a world devoid of life, surrounded by high-rise skyscrapers. Yuri is desperate to find her brother and escape, despite her sadness, after she discovers that he is also in this weird environment. However, she quickly discovers that there are more masked murderers in the region, eager to frighten their latest victims and satisfy their sickest cravings, causing Yuri to wonder if they will survive.

High-Rise Invasion

Who’s in the cast of High-Rise Invasion Season 2?

Back up the main characters. Haruka Shiraishi will reprise her role as Yuri Honj, and Shiki Aoki will reprise her role as Mayuko Nise. Akira Sekine (Kuon Shinzaki), Yuichiro Umehara (Sniper Mask), and Junya Enoki (Rika Honj) are among the cast members.

Season 2 trailer and announcement for High-Rise Invasion

The teaser below is most accurate to the new section of the TV series at the time of writing. The official teaser for Netflix’s media services will be released close the debut date.