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Harold Smith Prince said goodbye at 91. He will be remembered for his musicals in theaters!

The famous American theatrical producer and director, Harold Smith Prince, dies at the age of 91. He was recognized for his enduring musicals in theater history and was known as the “Prince of Broadway.” Some of his famous works include “West Side Story,”Fiddler on the Roof,”Cabaret” and “The Phantom of the Opera.” He won the Tony award 21 times in his life, which is a significant achievement to have in one’s life.

According to the spokesman, Rick Miramontez, he had his last breath in Iceland because of a brief period of illness. He used to live in Manhattan, and he was traveling way back home from Switzerland when the Grim took his life away.

Mr. Prince had contributed so much to the theater songs. He had begun working in the theater when Cole Porter and Rodgers were the songwriter kings, and it was an era of the robust American form. With his prolific contributions like “Phantom,” the British musical, the rock ‘n’ roll form of the genre was pushed aside by his hits and the Broadway got famous.

In 2006, he got his 21st Tony award, he had created history, and he was the one who shaped the Broadway musical in the 20th century. The first Tony that he got was in the year 1995 with the best musical “The Pajama Game,” and then the rest is history.

He was also known to be a workaholic, and in 1960, three of the shows that he produced were appearing on Broadway at the same time. He is the one who collaborated in with the mentor of creating talents, the choreographers, designers, and the composers.

He took a keen interest in the field including provocative material and pleased the audience with his work about political prisoners and gay persecution “Kiss of the Spider Woman”(1993) and anti-Semitism “The Parade”(1983).

He was talented and skilled, so handled the business as well as the art of theater.

His wife and children miss him a lot. And they told that they would not be having any funeral as per his demand and there would be a celebration of his life with the people of the theatrical community. And he would always be in people’s heart for his music and for the one he was.

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