Grace and Frankie’s Penultimate Finale Will Blow Your Minds Away

Here’s a look at the twisted finale of season 6. Spoilers ahead.

Did anyone anticipate the mind-boggling finale to season 6? Probably not.

The American comedy series on Netflix that chronicles the lives of two women who got stuck in a bizarre scenario which sparked a lifelong friendship between the two, released its penultimate season on 15th January and left everyone surprised with the twisted finale.

The show by Friends creator Marta Kauffman, and Howard J, Morris stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin in titular roles of Grace Hanson and Frances “Frankie” Bergstein, respectively.

Season 5 Finale

If you could recall, Grace of Grace and Frankie had got married to her beloved boyfriend Nick Skolka (Peter Gallagher) in season 5, however, things went topsy-turvy post their marriage.

What is the shocking twist?

Grace and Frankie’s Penultimate Finale Will Blow Your Minds Away.
Picture: Netflix

In season 6, we’ll witness a stark change in Nick’s demeanor. He is never at home, he never has time for Grace, basically, he just never is around Grace on the pretext of his business. At first, while it seemed believable to see a man so occupied with his work, later on, it starts to ring a bell in your mind, his constant absence may start appearing bothersome and suspicious to you.

And if you have a big-shot businessman at home as your husband then why would you go outside, looking outside for funding for your ambitious venture, the Rise Up Toilet, as Grace and Frankie were seen doing in the episode, ‘The Tank.’

Season 6 Finale

All the sequences leading to the finale episode titled, ‘The Change,’ will leave you wondering and doubting Nick, and that’s when the twists and turns in the finale episode will stupefy you by revealing everything and confirming your suspicions.

Nick was lying about his business and finances to Grace since their marriage, if not from before. He is a criminal who is involved in several felonies like tax evasion and security fraud. He isn’t a millionaire business tycoon; he was rather a part of shady dealings and has federal agents behind him.

In the early part of the episode, we see Grace taking a big step as she comprehends that marriage with Nick isn’t exactly what she desires. She liked them better when they were just dating but as she returns to her penthouse with Nick to discuss it with him, the FBI shows up at the door to arrest him for all the criminal activities he was a part of.

Everything comes crashing down in front of Grace when she finally understands the weird behaviour of Nick and how she was bluffed by him into buying a sculpture from him which she has been using for compound leverage to get off of the toilet as an octogenarian.

‘The Change,’ is a really a big change in the sitcom which has changed the entire course of the show and laid out a complicated plot for Season 7 with lots of twists and turns.

How and Where to Watch?

You can watch Season 6 of the show on Netflix. All the 13 episodes were released on 15th January.

Grace and Frankie’s Penultimate Finale Will Blow Your Minds Away.
Picture: Netflix

Will there be a Season 7?

Yes, there is Season 7 in the pipeline. It will the last season of this hit comedy series as confirmed by the team. The series was renewed for a seventh and final season in September 2019. It will consist of 16 episodes, thus making it the longest-running original series with 94 episodes on Netflix.