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Good News for Pokemon fans!!! New Pokemon Anime Series Is On Its Way; Read on to Know about the Release Date & Meet The New Characters Here

There is a piece of good news for all the Pokémon goers, no doubt how much Pokémon games hold its fan zeal, but it has its own repute when it comes down to Pokémon anime.

Also known as ‘Pocket Masters’ in Japan, the Pokémon official finally announced the release date of the new Pokémon series with the introduction of a new protagonist, but don’t worry Ash Ketchum and Pikachu are still safe in the Pokémon world and not going anywhere.

It has released its first trailer on its official channel where we get a sneak peek of the newly launched Pokémon series. It reintroduces the former characters Ash Ketchum and his cute-yellow-chibi partner Pokémon, Pikachu; who are going to be partnered with a new fella in this series named  and his Pokémon Scorbunny.

Both the characters, new and old, will carry on their dream mission to become a Pokémons monster. Go has the same dream as Ash to collect all the Pokémons in the world. Ash and Go both are the protagonist of this newly Pokémon series. However, it is not yet confirmed if they both work together or will be shown separately.

It seems the new anime series is packed with double-delight for anime fans, especially for the Pokemoners, as they going to get two enthusiast trainers in the series who set on the world adventure.

It looks like the animators are in a mood to take a different approach according to the time. New generation new story.

The Pokémon will release on 17th November in Japan, which also has a special screening of one hour. The Pokémon series is in full mode to provide its fans with new and engaging series.

The anime fans and Pokemoners eagerly waiting for its release. Although, further details about the series are not out yet.