Good News for Green Tea drinkers!!! Study finds you are going to live longer and healthier than others!!!

A recent study has been conducted by a group of researchers who have found out that drinking tea three times a day can help you to reduce the risk of dying from cardiovascular diseases thus, providing you a healthier life.

The study revealed all the benefits of Green Tea which was conducted on 100,902 Chinese people with no history of any heart-related diseases. They were divided into three groups. One, habitual drinkers who drank tea at least twice or thrice a day, Second, those who didn’t drink it regularly and, third, those who never drank it. For seven years, they were observed.

The result showed that those who consumed Green Tea were found with a 20% lesser chance of getting heart disease and 22% lesser chance of getting a stroke with a tendency to live 1.26 years longer than the non-drinkers who don’t enjoy even a single cup of tea.

Dr.Dongfeng Gu from China’s National Center for Cardiovascular Disease has revealed that it’s more beneficial for men but in the case of women, it affects quite modestly. As it was revealed in the study that male consumers were more than their female counterparts with two and a half times greater than the latter, as women prefer herbal tea with rosebuds or lotus.

Yet, there were flaws in the study as it didn’t mention if a person drinking some other beverage than tea, was under the risk of getting a heart disease or not; or strictly what was their condition. Hence, the study is although quite complete, but the calculations have revealed that Green Tea is really special for your well being.