Goldberg talks about the infamous WCW Taser incident that ended his streak!

All about the infamous 1998 WCW taser spot and how it ended Goldberg’s streak

William Scott Goldberg famously referred by his ring name Bill Goldberg recently joined the Hall of Fame host “Stone Cold” Steve Austin for a sit-down interview on an all-new episode of ‘The Broken Skull Sessions.’ Bill recalled all about his prime boxing days and discussed his famous highs and lows that changed the course of his career.

The American professional wrestler was one of the extremely famous figures in the late 90s and early 2000s. He rose to fame with his long undefeated streak in singles from 1997 to 1998 until Kevin Nash defeated him to take away the title at WCW Starrcade 1998 with the help of Scott Hall and his taser gun, who disguised as a security guard. Goldberg lost his title and legendary victory streak after 174 days as a champion and an official count of 173-0, which is assumed exaggerated by some of the WCW colleagues.

Bill Goldberg talks about his infamous gold streak end.
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For two decades, this incident continued to be a topic of debate and discussion among all the wrestling fans and critics. Goldberg with his incredible streak had held a position of dominance and it was indeed shocking for everyone to see a supreme streak of the win to end so cheaply. In the conversation with the show’s host, Stone Cold, he admitted that the taser spot didn’t bother him all that much that time. He revealed with all honesty that he didn’t look it as a loss and didn’t picture it big by any means. The footballer turner wrestler admitted that he didn’t know much about the business, and the more one analyses, the more it pisses him off. He didn’t want to lobotomize himself as he didn’t really know enough to pass judgement.

He finally said that now when he looks back, he sees the segment as the ultimate rib. He also added that the loss had to happen at some point.

The wrestler was when asked last year if he believed Nash was the right person to score the man, maintaining a calm reaction, he had said that he doesn’t know. He just considers himself to be very lucky to be in that position. He isn’t a creative guy, he is an athlete who had this streak after leading and after it, it was the right guy.