Giselle From the K-pop Band “Aespa” Issues an Official Apology for Enunciating a Racial Slur

Giselle, a member of the K-pop group “Aespa”, apologizes for enunciating a racial slur 

The South Korean girl band Aespa‘s idol Giselle, a.k.a. Aeri Uchinaga, reportedly apologized for mouthing a racial slur that has been caught on camera. The group has released the album called “Savage” in recent times. The album turned out to be a sensational hit by topping several musical charts. Unfortunately, during the times of celebrations, one of the group’s singers, Giselle, had been criticized for mouthing an ethnic slur. Owing to the same, the singer took to Aespa’s official Twitter account and apologized in person for doing so.  

Aespa's band member Giselle

A Behind-the-scenes video reveals Giselle enunciating the N-word!

Following the success of “Savage”, the group’s music label SM Entertainment dropped a BTS video of the album’s jacket shooting on their official Twitter account. The video featured the group members, including Giselle, Karina, and Ningning, while dancing to SZA’s Love Galore.

Many fans have unfortunately noticed Giselle mouthing the N-word, which is considered a racial insult. Despite deleting the video on Aespa’s Twitter handle, it rapidly circulated on the internet. MY’s being disappointed by the singer as she is fluent in English and knows the meaning, asked her for clarification.

Giselle’s apology for her goof!

After being caught on camera while mouthing the N-word, fans have constantly demanded an apology from the singer. Previously the K-pop idol was spotted singing Doja cat’s song Tia Tamera, which also includes the N-word. However, the singer had replaced the word knowing that it shouldn’t be used. Nevertheless, she seems to have forgotten that in the present scenario. Knowing her blunder Giselle issued an official apology for it on Aespa’s Twitter handle.

The K-pop singer tweeted that “I would like to apologize for mouthing the wrongful word from the lyrics of the song that was playing on-site.” Further, she tweeted that she will continue to learn and be more conscious of her actions.