(G)I-dle’s Jeon Soyeon And Cube Entertainment Apologized For Plagiarism

(G)I-dle’s Jeon Soyeon And Cube Entertainment faced allegations of Plagiarism

2018 debuted girl’s group (G)I-dle‘s leader Jeon Soyeon and her company Cube Entertainment apologized KQ Entertainment for “My Teen Girl” Song Plagiarism issue. On February 27, in “My Teen Girl” live finale episode, Soyeon appeared as a mentor. She gave contestants a song called “SUN” to perform. In addition, she basically told it’s her composition which they had to sing. However, the sole right of the song belong to ATEEZ’s company.

On contrary, KQ Entertainment issued plagiarism allegations on both Soyeon and Cube Entertainment. After the air of the episode, people realized that the lyrics of the song is quite similar to 2019’s chorus song “Wave” of ATEEZ. It’s just like the female version of song.

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Following, KQ Entertainment added that the production team credited under the name of “SUN”. Yet, they haven’t given anyone the permission to use it. Moreover, no one can even sing or can use it for other purposes without their consent. Thus, this act on MBC girl group audition program is accounted as plagiarized.

Cube Entertainment’s apologizing statement

Counting on the allegations, Cube Entertainment issued a statement to clear the air and apologized for the same on February 28. At first, they addressed the issue regarding releasing of “SUN” without their prior permission. Moreover, they apologized for the controversy stir caused because of this. Following, they stated their mistake of not monitoring it beforehand and pointing out the similarities between two verses.

Jeon Soyeon
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Then, they acknowledged the team about the mistake and Jeon Soyeon personally apologized the producer of the song directly. Furthermore, they tried to coverup the situation by releasing it under original name to prevent any controversies when they realized the fact. They too accept their fault of realizing the song even after the agency’s opposition. In the end, they assured this wouldn’t happen again.