Get Your Kitchen Ready for New Cooking Experiments by Gordon Ramsay in Fox Competition Series!

“Next Level Chef” is all set to teach you new dishes

Gordon Ramsay who is an award-winning chef is bringing another hit cooking show. He s already known for his excellent cooking style. Gordon has set an iconic stage as you have never got to see. The 54-year-old British chef is also a writer. He also opened his first-ever Canadian restaurant in Montreal in 2011. However, the restaurant went close due to disputes between Ramsay and Danny Lavy (the owner of the restaurant). 

Gordon Ramsay new show
Credit: Instagram | Gordon Ramsay

The teaser of Next Level Chef

The co-mentors and Ramsay will be recruiting a bunch of talented cooks. They will be then guiding them under their guidance and will enhance their cooking more. One of the competitors will walk away with a handsome amount of money which is worth $250,000. To create the set more spacious, Ramsay has got a set that has three stories. Every floor has an amazing lavish kitchen where the chefs will show magic with their food. 

The challenge for the competitors is to create the best out of the positive circumstances but to also create the best out of negative circumstances. There will be many competitors including home chefs, social media stars, street food owners and everyone from the ground will be fighting each other.  

The cast of Next Level Chef

The very renowned show of Ramsay will be joined by the best chefs Nyesha Arrington and Richard Blais. Both of them are known to have good relations with Ramsay. Therefore, the fans and foodies know that Ramsay and his team will leave no leaf unturned. Fox Alternative Entertainment and Studio Ramsay Global will be producing the series.