George R.R. Martin is Associating with Marvel Comics via an Anthology Series

George R.R. Martin Joins Marvel

There was a time when a crossover between George R.R Martin’s brain and Marvel comics could only be possible in a fanfiction. But now it is going to come true. “A Song of Ice and Fire” writer will finally step into the Marvel Universe. Other than inspiring one of the biggest series ever, Martin also edited an anthology series “Wild Card” along with Melinda M. Snodgras. The anthology is strictly a superhero story which will now join Marvel.

George R.R. Martin is most famous for being the reason behind HBO’s “Game Of Thrones”. The American writer, is now leaving Winterfell to step into the superhero world of marvel with Wild Cards.

George R.R. Martin Will be a Part of the Marvel Comics
Twitter/ George R.R Martin

“Wild Cards” Plot

The story takes place on a different earth that houses people with special powers. Kind of like the X-men. However, it involves a virus, called “Wild card”.

When a human gets infected with it, they either die, turn into monsters or into superheroes. On Friday Marvel shared that they will publish an adaptation of the “Wild Cards” this coming summer. Over 40 authors contributed to this story in the last thirty years. Writer Paul Cornell and artist Mike Hawthorne will create the comic “Wild Cards: The Drawing of the Cards”.

George R.R. Martin Will be a Part of the Marvel Comics
Twitter/ George R.R. Martin

Martin on the Union

Martin stated that “Wild Cards” is special for him and this union with Marvel brings him great joy. Paul Cornell said that it is great to finally bring these stories to marvel. And give everyone who contributed to Wild Cards the credit. A T.V. series might also be in the making at the streaming platform, Peacock.

Anyone who has read “A Song of Ice and Fire” knows the abilities of Martin and the kind of writer he is. His fans are definitely waiting for his comic to drop.