Gawvi Dropped Off From Reach Records for his Explicit Photos

Gawvi Is Out From Reach Records

Gabriel Alberto Azucena popularly known as Gawvi is a Christian Hip-Hop Artist and a music producer for Reach Records. He got dropped off from Reach Records and even from upcoming stage events because of the allegations of unsolicited explicit photos of him.

Reach Records Took A Necessary Step And Terminate The Control Of Gawvi

Reach Records have terminated their professional relation with Gawvi. They said that it was because of his behaviour which does not matches with the company’s core values and norms.

They said that detaching themselves from Gawvi was a very difficult decision because they had contracted him not only for his talent but also as their brother and sister in Christ. Even they were facing this problem for more than a year but this time they found it necessary to take such step.

There was a tour, We are unashamed in their list got postponed due to the shameful act of Gawvi. It will take place in March or April without him. The label will feature Lecrae, Trip Lee, Andy Mineo, Tedashii, Wande, 1K Phew, Whatuprg and Hulvey.

Reach Records post for Gawvi
From @reachrecords

Gawvi’s Mischief Is Getting Revealed

Gawvi siad that he and his wife took divorce in 2020. The couple tried to save their bond but they couldn’t even after consultations. Their divorce is still a controversial topic in Christian Music.

A friend of his wife, Cataphant who is a visual artist tweeted that years ago she had to create an album cover for Gawvi. The designer also known as Catalina Bellizzi Itiola. Further she said that for her coming project she is going to make collage of pictures of intimate part that Gawvi sent without any request.

Cataphant had shared a string of tweets uncovering Gawvi’s mischief. She was in support of her friend, Gawvi’s wife whom he left for other woman and all other things that Gawvi did.

Gawvi has deleted all his post whether it is related to his divorce or he himself. Everyone out there is also waiting for is reply to Cataphant’s tweet.