Gabbie Hanna’s recent activities worrying her fans a lot

Is Gabbie Hanna alright? Fans worried

Gabbie Hanna posted over 140 TikTok videos in less than 24 hours worrying her fans. She was heard discussing religion in some of the films, making constant references to Jesus and Mary.

Fans believe Gabbie Hanna has been acting particularly strangely this week despite the fact that she often posts random videos about a wide range of topics and has over seven million followers on the platform.

Gabbie Hanna

The social media celebrity has been flooding the app with a ton of strange videos, leaving many users to question if she is okay.

The Pennsylvanian, age 31, gained notoriety on Vine and YouTube, where she now has more than 5.2 million subscribers to her channel The Gabbie Show.

She also sings, and in 2017 she published her debut single, “Out Loud,” and in 2022 she will release two EPs and her debut album. However, she has recently become quite popular on TikTok.

Along with two poetry collections, Adultolescence (2017) and Dandelion (2020), both of which have achieved New York Times Best Seller status, she has also written.

Additionally, she has made several film and television appearances since 2014, including the TV series Escape The Night. She took home the Storyteller prize at the 2018 Annual Streamy Awards.

Gabbie Hanna

Gabbie Hanna’s recent different activities 

Additionally, Gabbie Hanna updated her bio on TikTok to read: “R3M3MB3R ME LIKE TH!$” with 18 emojis, three of which are crosses of the Christian faith.

She continued to post numerous further videos in which she discussed religion, the universe, Jesus, the Bible, children dying, and other important issues.

Gabbie Hanna

In the early films, Gabbie Hanna is wearing a pink lingerie set with a matching pink camisole, but in more current ones, she is only seen wearing a shirt and a sleeping mask wrapped around her head.

She constantly yells, “Help me,” into the camera in one video before announcing, “I’m alright by the way,” in a follow-up about an hour later.

The majority of the footage featuring Gabbie’s reflection were captured in a restroom where the mirror had the words “The greatest love of all time” scrawled in lipstick.

She first starting posting videos started yesterday afternoon, but after a five-hour break, Gabbie started publishing at around 2:30pm GMT again.

Fans are now worried for Gabbie’s safety after she posted hundreds of repetitious videos to her seven million followers, with many thinking that she may be having a breakdown.

Gabbie Hanna

While others are urging the LAPD to check on Gabbie Hanna, one fan tweeted: “I’m honestly concerned for Gabbie Hanna like someone needs to check on her.”

In the comments area of Gabbie’s TikTok videos, people are also expressing concern. One person wrote: “Please call your doctor and sleep. Rest, please. Another said, “Does she have any family or friends in LA? They are where?