FUUTO Pi : The First Look of the Kamen Rider Anime Raised Excitement Among Fans

Fuuto PI
Studio Kai

The franchise is currently celebrating its 50th anniversary

A whole new anime is coming from the world of Kamen Rider. Titled Fuuto Pi, the new anime was unveiled at the 50th anniversary of the successful Toei franchise. The first Kamen Rider series came out in 1971, and was a big success. It branched out to several other live action series and anime as well. But now, the franchise looks to be heading to a whole new direction.

About Fuuto Pi

Kamen Rider: Fuuto Pi
Studio Kai

Fuuto Pi is an original manga series written by Riku Sanjo and illustrated by Masaki Sato. It is in reality, a sequel to the eleventh iteration of the Heisei era and 20th iteration of the Kamen Rider overall series. The anime has released the first look of its main duo Shotaroh and Philip. It was first revealed at Funimation’s New York Comic Con panel but was later shown in Kamen Rider’s official Twitter as well.

The series will be directed by Yousuke Kabashima, the chief animation director of Uma Musume Pretty Derby. Ayataka Tanemura will be the assistant director. The series composition will be done by Tatsuto Higuchi, and script supervision will be done by manga writer Riku Sanjo. The characters will be designed by Hidekazu Ebina, and will be the co-animation director with Sei Komatsubara. Kotaro Nakagawa and Shuhei Naruse will work on the music. We have yet to receive the voice cast for the series.

The story

Kamen Rider: Fuuto Pi
Studio Kai

Fuuto Pi revolves around a private investigator named Shotaroh Hidari. Shotaro works at the Narumi Detective Agency with his partner Raito “Philip” Sonozaki. He is the sole survivor of the Sonozaki family who can access the Gaia Library. Together, they transform into Kamen Rider W, and protect their city of Fuuto from Dopants.