December is time for vacation parties—and all of the delicious treats that escort them. But, as per a replacement study revealed within the journal Medical Hypotheses, that increase of sugar does not solely have an effect on your waist—it can potentially even cause the vacation blues.

Researchers from the University of Kansas analyzed a thorough survey on the physiological and psychological effects of intense accessorial sugar, which is rampant in several beloved vacation desserts. and that they determined that consumption of an excessive amount of sugar round the holidays will have an analogous impact as drinking an excessive amount of alcohol.

“Alcohol is essentially full of calories, energy, non-nutritive and super deadly when taken in high amounts,” study author Stephen Ilardi, Ph.D., associate degree professor of psychotherapeutics at the University of Kansas, aforesaid in a statement. “Sugars are terribly similar. We’re learning that once it involves depression, humans have to optimize their diet and ought to offer all the nutrients the brain desires and principally avoid these potential toxins.”

This is very true for people who are at risk of seasonal depression, which affects at least  1,000,000 Americans. like drinking many glasses of wine, consumption of a box of cookies would possibly offer a brief feeling of comfort and joy, however, will cause you to feel worse overall if frequently consumed in huge quantities.

Ilardi aforesaid that a “large set of individuals with depression have high levels of general inflammation” since consumption of an excessive quantity of sugar has been linked to inferior inflammation. These inflammatory hormones lead to severe depression by directly pushing the brain into that state.

As with alcohol, what counts as “too much” typically depends on the person, and there is “no one-size-fits-all approach to predicting specifically how any person’s body can react to any given food at any given dose.”

However, as a rule of thumb, Ilardi suggests adhering to the rules set by the American Heart Association. It recommends limiting your daily intake of accessorial sugar to one hundred calories for girls and a hundred and fifty calories for men. Sadly, that is but one slice of cake, therefore if you decide on to indulge, roll in the hay showing wisdom.