Forecasting Love and Weather Dropped Teasers for Upcoming Episodes

Story Behind The Upcoming K-Drama

The story of ‘Forecasting Love and Weather’, takes place in Korea’s first Meteorological agency. It depicts the story of love that unfolds while forecasting weather and portrays the story of the love story that transpires between two employees.

After the glimpse the lead stars got their turn to discuss further about their take on the series. Their experience while working together will be a challenging drama concept.

The Cast

Forecasting Love and Weather” shared a new glimpse of Park Min Young and Song Kang
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Jin Ha Kyeong, will be portrayed by Park Min Young. Jin Ha Kyeong is the chief general forecaster of division 2 of the Korea Meteorological Administration. Her straightforward personality given her privileged background since birth.

Song Kang shared that he was drawn by by the scenario. He shared that idea of plot of meteorological agency and weather really came to me as something fresh. Him laughing while reading the script is one of the thing he likes.

There is high expectations of for the onscreen chemistry between Kang Min Kyeong and Song Kang. Also, Kang Min is known for ‘Queen of Rom Coms,’ and Song Kang is the new to the world of rom-com genre in the K-drama industry.

Forecasting Love and Weather” shared a new glimpse of Park Min Young and Song Kang

The two actors shared that the Viewers will be able to comprehend why the drama is titled “Forecasting Love and Weather,” as well as witness how forecasting is done and made.

The producers of the drama teased that the cold air meets hot air, it rains. They also t4eased with the saying that wait and see how it will rain or an unexpected natural disaster will occur when Jin Ha Kyung and Lee Si Woo. Those who are polar opposites, meet for the first time.

The drama “Forecasting Love and Weather’ will be premiering on 12 February at 10:30pm KST.