For Lizzo Beyoncé is Her ‘North Star’, But why Lizzo’s family is “p***** off” with Her??

In a shocking new “Carpool Karaoke” video, Lizzo praises Beyoncé as her “North Star” when it comes to making music.

On Monday, James Corden began his journey back to London, but he was still very much in the city as he drove around in his SUV while Lizzo was driving!

Lizzo couldn’t contain her excitement as she started off the session by singing along to “Good As Hell.” The singer was overjoyed to be taking part in the program.

Wow, this is really cool, she exclaimed. “People recognize my music well enough for me to be able to do this. It’s awesome.”


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As usual, Lizzo was seen in the part appreciating who she truly is and overall embracing the playful traits of her character that have helped to make her a widely acclaimed and adored music sensation. When Corden surprised her with a flute mid-drive, she slayed it before being completely honest about her past and her strict upbringing.

“I was a member of The Church of God in Christ for the first ten years of my life while we were living in Detroit. When you practice that faith, you must adhere strictly to certain musical genres, The 34-year-old was raised in a strict religious setting, and she was not permitted to listen to music that she considers to be “devil music,” even if she makes it herself.


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If you had been at church, would Lizzo’s music have been permitted? Corden enquired.

“Yes, Lizzo, at first. However, as Lizzo began swearing, “Lizzo laughed as she said. I’ve upset a couple people of my family.

Lizzo said when questioned if it was due to the swearing in her music, “I’m not sure if it’s just that. It might be a little bit the ass and the nudity.”

“Pookie, my cousin, constantly yells at me. He’ll dial my mother’s number and say, “Hey, tell Melissa to get dressed,” “she revealed on Carpool Karaoke with James Corden.

She added, chuckling, “And then I double down and post more nudes the next day.”

Lizzo also commented on her unwavering admiration for Beyonce and how, as a youngster, listening to her music had both inspired and uplifted her.

She described how listening to Beyonce in her bedroom helped transfer her when she was feeling bashful, uncool, or was being picked on. “I would sense something like things was about to get better in my life, you know? For me, there is hope.”

She continued, “I want to make people feel the way she makes them feel with my songs. She has served as my North Star.