Following criticism, Beyoncé to remove “Ableist” song lyrics out of her new album Renaissance.

The seventh studio album by Beyoncé, “Renaissance,” was released on July 29 to great praise, although one of the songs, “Heated,” had a line that offended many fans on social media.

The word “spaz” appears in the song during the line, “Spazzin’ on that ass, spazz on that ass,” that Beyonce sings. Spasticity is a term used in medicine to describe a condition that makes it difficult for patients to control their muscles, particularly in their arms and legs.

The lyric will be changed..

According to a Beyoncé spokesman, the phrase was “not purposefully used in a derogatory way.”

The song’s lyrics drew criticism for being ableist and offensive on social media, and it even served as the inspiration for an essay by Hannah Diviney that was published in The Guardian. Diviney said of Beyoncé, “Her commitment to storytelling musically and visually is unparalleled, as is her power to have the world paying attention to the narratives, struggles, and nuanced lived experience of being a Black woman… However, that doesn’t justify her ableist words.

It’s shocking that one of the biggest singers in the world would use such a crude phrase, Kirwan added.


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“Just a few weeks prior, when Lizzo used the same reprehensible language, she faced intense backlash from disappointed and saddened fans. Thankfully, she re-recorded the song and did the right thing. It’s improbable that Beyoncé’s crew could have missed it. ”

Kirwan also said “Words matter because they support the unfavorable attitudes that disabled people encounter daily and that have an impact on every area of their lives. Beyoncé has long fought for equality and inclusivity, therefore we implore her to take down this insensitive line. ”

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Following the incident with Lizzo, another UK disability organisation, Sense, stated that it was “disappointing” to see another musician use the phrase.

The group wished Beyonce luck in changing the song by imitating Lizzo. “More education is required to raise public understanding of disability.”

The outcry over the obscene phrase is by no means the only problem Beyoncé has encountered since the release of “Renaissance.” Two days before the album’s scheduled release, it leaked online, and artist Kelis then constantly criticized Beyoncé for using a sample of her 2003 song “Milkshake” without her permission. It’s stealing, not a collaboration, according to Kelis. It is unclear that Beyoncé’s team was contractually compelled to notify Kelis of the sample as the singer is not listed as a credited songwriter on “Milkshake.”

Renaissance is currently available for streaming and for purchase.