EXO Member Chen keeping her Non-celebrity Pregnant Fiancée a secret!! Wedding bells expected???

EXO member Chen releases a letter announcing his marriage!!

Wedding Bells are ringing for EXO member Chen who has announced his marriage with longtime girlfriend, a ‘Non-Celebrity’.

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Fans all around the world have been rejoicing after this Breaking News!! People have been pouring in love and well-wishes for the K-Pop Star!!

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Kim Jong-Dae released a handwritten letter on Twitter announcing to the world about his future plans. In the letter, the K-Pop Star wrote,  “Hello, this is Chen. I am writing this because I have something to tell our fans, I don’t know how to start this, and I’m very nervous. Although these words are not enough, I’m writing this letter because I want to honestly tell our fans, who gave us so much love, first.”

He added on, “I have a girlfriend I want to spend the rest of my life with. I was worried and concerned about the situations that would arise as a result of this decision.” He said he was in a deep discussion with his agency and their team about releasing this news somewhat earlier to avoid the surprise that fans have got with the sudden announcement. The letter even mentioned about “A Blessing” which came during the process.

And fret not about what you just read. Yes, the EXO member has mentioned about his girlfriend’s pregnancy. The letter has the words, “Then, a blessing came my way.” which is a clear indication of ‘BABY ON BOARD!!!’ And, who doesn’t love babies!!  Isn’t it??!!

EXO’s management, SM Entertainment released a statement, “Chen has met someone precious to him and will be getting married.” The firm even said that the rumored bride is a “Non-Celebrity” indicating that the identity of the bride and her family will be kept private until the wedding!!