EPIC PROPOSAL!!! Filmmaker Boyfriend Recreates ‘Sleeping Beauty’s Ending To Propose His High School Sweetheart!!!

We are going to share a fantastic and epic proposal of a boyfriend for his girlfriend in this article. Don’t miss out on reading about this grand proposal.

Lee Loechler proposes his girlfriend in an epic proposal recreating the ending of the movie ‘Sleeping Beauty’

A famous Redditor and filmmaker, Lee Loechler, took six months to create his proposal for ahis high school sweetheart, Sthuthi. He crossed a difficult path for the proposal when he decided to animate himself and his girlfriend in her favorite movie, “Sleeping Beauty” and that too in a crowded theatre.

Lee shared his experience of six months on YouTube

Loechler also narrated in a released YouTube video about how he had been working passionately on his proposal project for the past six months. He revealed that he teamed up with other Redditors to edit the main characters of Disney’s movie. Lee said that it was challenging to do it, and it took time too, but it was all worth it.

Lee also said a beautiful line on YouTube video, “It’s not every day you get to propose your girlfriend”.

He continued saying that, “It’s been six years, I’ve been working with an illustrator to animate myself and my girlfriend into a movie.”

Would you like to know who all were their audience in the theatre? The couple’s family and close friends.

Look at the video here: