England’s Victory in T20 Cricket World Cup is setting a new Precedent

England Sets a New Cricket Record!

England creates history by defeating Pakistan in the T20 World Cup with five wickets. Fans were amazed to watch the addictive match. The match held on 13th November 2022, Sunday at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. A crowd of 80,000 fans accommodated and England took the cup this time.

England lift the T20 Cricket World Cup 2022
(courtesy: Twitter/T20 World Cup)

Everyone played well and in the fear of the clouds to burst the match continued and fortunately it didn’t shed. Major credit England’s talisman Ben Stokes who was clear in his mind to reach success this night with an unbeaten 52 off 49 balls. Stokes made sure that there is no chance to take a single run over his balls.

T20 Cricket World Cup Finals

Sam Curran who couldn’t play well in the semi-finals proved himself in the finals. The time when he went for 0/42 in the semi-finals added the wicket of Shan Masood and Mohammad Nawaz. By doing so he became the second-best player of the match leading to the incredible victory they have received.

England beat Pakistan

After the match, Ben stokes said, “I think in finals when you are chasing you forget the hard work that went before. I think the way we bowled, Adil Rashid, Sam Curran, that’s what won us the game,” according to reports.

Meanwhile Curran talked about Stokes and said, “We all look up to him”. He appreciated him and called him “incredible”.

He further added by calling the wicket “tricky” and appreciated the bowlers for the wicket. The game was quite unexpected, and the fans crossed fingers for their particular teams. England bowlers tried the hardest to win the match and the Pakistan team tried every tactic to not loose the cricket match. The game has to end with someone’s lose and this time it was Pakistan. All the fans from Pakistan looked disappointed while England fans quite enjoyed the victory.