Emergency: Kangana resembles Indira Gandhi, makeup artist David Malinowski did a wonderful Job!!

With her remarkable physical metamorphosis into Indira Gandhi for her upcoming movie, “Emergency,” Kangana Ranaut captivated everyone. On July 14, the movie’s teaser and first-look poster were released.

Kangana acknowledged Oscar-winning makeup artist David Malinowski for her appearance in an interview with a news website. She says David and his crew are smart businessmen. She said the entire crew had flown in from London. To decide on the final look, they conducted numerous look tests and held a number of discussions. David answered the calls asking how to proceed. He even made the observation that Mrs. Gandhi and Kangana share a striking physical resemblance in terms of skin tone and jawline. The actress also revealed to him that she was thought to be the ideal Mrs. Gandhi in India.

In addition to serving as the project’s lead, Kangana will take over the film’s direction. She remarked that the reception to the teaser and her appearance had been wonderful up to this point. The actress said that after waiting for a solo directing project, it is now actually going to materialize.


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The last time we saw Kangana, she was in the movie “Dhaakad” with Arjun Rampal and Divya Dutta. It garnered conflicting reviews and failed to draw crowds to the theaters.