Elon Musk and SpaceX: The Future of Space Expeditions are Always up with an Innovative Idea that Excites & Surprises Everyone


Ever imagined yourself in space, the moon, or even another planet, say Mars? How does it feel to imagine that? a dream come true, yet a scary or for some, an adventurous and once in a lifetime opportunity.

Now, what if I tell you that it’s not an imagination but a reality and an implemented idea? There are space agencies in various countries, such as the USA, Russia, France, China, Japan, India, etc.

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There exist many space agencies, some privately funded, and some government-funded. One such is SpaceX in the USA whose CEO is Elon Musk, also that of Tesla that designs motor engines, vehicles, etc for extraterrestrial travel.

Elon Musk has visualized humans on mars by 2022 and is in the full plan to do the same. The travel would be expensive, in nearly millions of USD, however once in a lifetime and hence, one of the millionaires of the world has even booked their travel to the same who would be the first person to make the travel.

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Tesla Roadster

Elon Musk is known for thinking and implementing the unusual that no one else can even give a thought to and eventually makes it happen.

He spent his savings of $100,000 for the cherry red rocket. It was launched by the Falcon Heavy FH-001 in February 2018 from Kennedy.

Summary of the First SpaceX Commercial Resupply Mission to ISS ...
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The rocket was supposed to go past mercury, venus, and mars and eventually the sun. the rocket has traveled a distance nearly 22 times the distance on all the roads of the world combined and can’t be spotted even by a telescope due to its small size and the distance from the earth, however, will appear in a telescope in 2091.