Dwyane Johnson, Jamie Kennedy & Other Celebs Come Out in Joe Rogan’s Support Amidst Covid-19 Misinformation controversy

      American Commentator Joe Rogan finds support in celebs

 American podcaster Joseph James Rogan professionally known as Joe Rogan, was recently ruling headlines for spreading false information about Covid vaccines.

Joe Rogan
AP Photo/Gregory Payan

How it all started?

The American commentator is the host of The Rogan Experience has a podcast on Spotify. In his podcasts, he features celebrities and discusses about varied topics on the platform.

During one of his podcasts, he made a very false statement about the Covid -19vaccine. He said, “Solid youngsters needn’t bother with a Covid-19 antibody.”

Rogan has guaranteed he isn’t against immunization; however, during a 23 April 2021 episode of his digital broadcast, he said: “On the off chance that you’re similar to 21 years of age, and you share with me, would it be advisable for me to get vaccinated? I’ll say no.”

Joe Rogan

Many doctors wrote an open letter to Spotify officials and raised concerns about the podcast. They said that the statements given in The Rogan Experience will mislead people regarding vaccines and their benefits.

Celeb Support System

Joe posted an apology video on the photo-sharing platform. In the video, he stated that he would like to thank all his listeners who watch him. He added, “I will make sure to research topics beforehand and pay attention to controversial ones in particular. I will be aware of the facts and then make a statement on them.”

Although many disregarded Rogan for his false facts. Some celebrities came in support of Rogan in this view. Stars like Dwayne, Kevin James, Jewel, Jamie Kennedy, Tulsi Gabbard, Troy Aikman and many more.

Spotify Effect

The controversy harmed the company as it wiped off 4 billion from the Spotify Technology SA market. The music streaming platform has decided to add a content warning to any podcast episode that incorporates a conversation about COVID-19.