Drunk man completes crazy dare by legally changing his name to ‘John Cena’!

Support yourselves for what is effectively the wackiest story you’ll hear the entire day, and it includes as a matter of fact John Cena. Not the 16-time WWE champion but rather a 23-year-old restaurant shift leader from Bradford, UK, who legally changed his name to John Cena during a drunken night out with friends.

A drunken man names himself John Cena legally as a dare

The Sun ran a story on Bradford’s own personal John Cena! Lewis Oldfield and his friends were ‘play-wrestling’ after a couple of beverages, which included impersonating the entrance announcements of WWE superstars. Oldfield reviewed that his amigo was doing a John Cena introduction and before Lewis knew it’s anything but, a challenge to adjust his name legally. Oldfield at first pondered getting John Cena’s name inked on his body, yet he is a man who consistently finished his challenges, in any case, stupid they may sound.

John Cena
John Cena, fka Lewis Oldfield.

While the new John Cena around triumphed when it’s all said and done out of his mom over the name-change system, he is yet to illuminate his ‘genuine’ father about the episode. Oldfield affirmed that he would proceed as ‘John Cena’ as he has no issues having a similar name as one of WWE’s best characters. The silly part of this whole situation is that Oldfield has never been a wrestling fan. Oldfield burned through 40 pounds on six deed survey documents to give confirmation to the banks and different associations. He spent an extra 75 pounds to get another passport under the name ‘John Cena.’ Talk about focusing on sketchy decisions!

It will be fascinating to perceive how long England’s John Cena holds up prior to returning to his old name. In case you’re pondering about the genuine John Cena’s WWE status, the veteran star is required to return for a marquee SummerSlam match.

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