Drake’s affairs with under age girls? Who is the other teen celeb besides Billie Ellish whom Drake is texting?

Who is the other teen celeb besides Billie Ellish whom Drake is texting? Well, it is revealed that there is someone else too. Drake and Bella Harison are friends for so long. They even appeared on social platforms as socially intimate when Bella was just 16 years old. Last year, Drake closed a restaurant for the 18-year-old Bella Harison so that he could dine alone with her. But at the same time, then 14-year old Billie Ellish confirmed that they were texting each other and in contact.

Millie describes the relationship between Drake who is 31 years old as a friendship. She says it is like where she could seek his advice for things in her life. Millie even said “I Love You” about Drake. While both Bella and Mellie have confirmed that they were not treated badly. But still, the relationship whatever be it friendship or anything between a 30s man seeking friendship to an underage girl is a high alert. There has to be something behind it. But nothing that is revealed. No abuse or any torture from Drake has been reported. They both, Bella and Mellie have said that they were treated nice.

According to all the news and everything Bellie has a good image of Drake. During her video interview with Vanity Fair, she spoke about Drake as, ” Drake, come on. Drake is like the nicest dude I’ve ever spoken to. I mean, I’ve only texted with him. Like, he’s so nice. He does not need to be nice.” But people were all shocked and were like, “whoa whoa whoa, hold up.”

There is even another rumor that Drake might be even dealing with Kylie Jenner. Kylie, who is a 21 year old has been friends with Drake when Kylie was just 14 or 15. Well, it also creepy back then how Drake was with Kylie when she was underage. Probably Drake might be even texting Kylie when he was texting and talking to Bella and Billie.