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Dr Dre has been sued by his wife Nicole Young as husband apparently shared trademarks without letting her know.

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Couples discuss with each other before they take any decision about their lives or any commerce-related work that they own equally. There are a bond and sense of responsibility that comes along with a business or any stake that the two individuals own together that needs protection from negative energy or negative investments. It becomes important to harness the caliber and advantages of the other individual before any individual can take a step on their own.

However, there is great trouble that comes along the ways of the couple if they take any decision without the consent of each other and take a step single-handedly. Hollywood has many couples or even individuals that are not only involved in a career of acting or entertainment but also business that they handle together. The couple handles their work of entertainment and the other profession that they hold equal stakes in.

What was the recent event that made the couples angry?

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TSR STAFF: Brianne D! @beedev_ ____________________________________ Whew! We've seen our fair share of divorces, but this one just gets messier and messier as the days go on! We previously reported that #DrDre's estranged wife, #NicoleYoung, is suing him as the co-owner of the trademark to his name, and now, she's being accused of some criminal activity! ____________________________________ According to @TMZ_tv, a letter sent to Nicole from attorneys for Record One recording studio alleges that Nicole drained the primary business account for the studio by writing a check to herself for more than $350,000. The letter claims that she "decimated" the company's bank account, and the lawyers even attached a photo of the check she allegedly wrote to herself. ____________________________________ The letter asks that Nicole return the money she allegedly stole no later than next week. Otherwise, the attorneys are—click the link in our bio to read more! (📸: @gettyimages, @tmz_tv)

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Nicole Young is the wife and business partner of the famous Hollywood celebrity, names Dr Dre who owns a trade together and makes an extra living out of it. Her husband transferred their trademarks without the consent of Nicole. It is not only painful for her as a wife, but also for her as a business partner who owns an equal stake at their business as he does.

Any decision that is taken by an individual needs consent of the stakeholders, no matter how many in number as the two are responsible for the outcomes equally and need to be aware of the decisions that are taken for their company collectively as that is where the trust and cooperation are needed for running a business together.