Disney+ Orders National geographic Limited Series ‘A Small Light’ Based On The Brave Woman Who Protected Anne Frank’s Family

National Geographic Limited Series ‘A Small Light’ Will Be On Disney+

We all have heard about the tragic story of German-Dutch diarist Anne Frank. She was born on 12th June 1929 and unfortunately died in 1945 due to typhus. Anne Frank is known for writing her tragic story in her diary. She got recognition posthumously when her story was published in 1947.

Disney+ has ordered a limited on the life of Anne Frank, A Small Light.

Diary Of A Young Girl

Anne Frank
Anne Frank, Ars Technica

In 1934, Anne Frank and her family moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands. But, soon Netherlands also was occupied by Nazi soldiers. Anne and her family hid themselves from the Nazi. In 1944, Frank family was arrested in Gestapo. Anne wrote all about her days in a diary which she got as a birthday present. In 1945, Anne and her sister were sent to Auschwitz where they died of typhus.

The Brave Woman

Miep Gies & Disney+
Miep Gies, Disney+

We will see how Miep Gies protected Frank family and 4 others in this limited series. It will be a National Geographic Limited series named ‘A Small Light.’ Miep, her husband (Jan Gies) and some other helpers looked after the Frank family as well as 4 others. It was Miep who found Anne’s diary and gave it to Otto Frank. Otto later shared the story with the world.

Small Light In A Dark Room

Miep Gies & Otto Frank
Miep Gies (left), Otto Frank (right), Disney Plus

Joan Rater, Susanna Fogel, Keshet Studios, Tony Phelan and ABC Signature are the producers. Joan Rater and Tony Phelan are also the writers. Miep made a statement that any ordinary person can turn on a small light in a dark room. This further inspired the title ‘A Small Light.’ The cast of the series is not revealed yet. But the shooting will begin in a few months.