Director Steven Soderbergh’s opinion regarding superhero movies will amaze you

Steven Soderbergh puts forward his opinion on superhero movies

Recently Steven Soderbergh had a talk with The Daily Beast before the premiere of his upcoming thriller “Kimi“. During his interview, the No Sudden Move director revealed that he was never approached for directing superhero franchises nor he can visualize himself creating one.

Steven Soderbergh
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Regarding the reason behind his strong opinion, Steven commented that it is nearly impossible for him to work in the superhero genre since the characters are entirely sexless.

“I’m not a snob”- said Soderbergh¬†

Further adding to his statement, the film director said he doesn’t feel the particular genre is a low tier one. Instead of deciding what universe to occupy, Steven is apparently too earthbound to release himself in a universe where the Newton’s laws of physics do not apply.

The Ocean’s Eleven director further said he lacks imagination in that direction and that’s why the one sci-fi he created was a character drama set on a spaceship. He said this in reference to his 2002 film ‘Solaris‘.

Steven Soderbergh

Steven also commented, “Nobody’s fucking” regarding the superhero movies. He added that he didn’t understand how to explain certain factors like how the superheroes are getting paid or who they work for or how to get that job.

The Marvel studios movie “Eternals“, which released in November 2021, got a lot of attention when it showed an intimate lovemaking scene between characters. This is the first time where Marvel Cinematic Universe showed depicted any kind of sexual intimacy.¬† However, the moment was brief.

Soderbergh’s Kimi is almost here

Steven’s upcoming cyber thriller “Kimi” will premiere on Thursday on HBO Max.

Over the years, he directed some Oscar winning dramas like Traffic and Eric Brockovich. We even got to see some mind-bending thrillers like Solaris, comedies like Ocean’s Eleven and many more epic projects.

But Soderbergh never stepped into the superhero genre. And after he shared his thoughts, it seems unlikely that he ever will.