Daisy Ridley: Which Eminent MCU Character will Suit the Star Wars Stalwart the Most?

Daisy Ridley hints at entering the MCU world 

Daisy Ridley is all ready to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe after a successful venture in the Star Wars trilogy. However, Daisy Ridley is still trying to find the suitable character of MCU to wear the cape of. Marvel Studios is keen to have Daisy Ridley in their team.

MCU is however full of amazing characters that Ridley can try on. As the actress has already shown her mettle in the trilogy with her splendid portrayal of Rey.

Here we have a list of characters that suits best for the 29-year-old actress! Have look at them below.

Daisy Ridley | MCU
  • A heroic Spider Woman

A heroic character is the best to try for Ridley. After the last Spider man movie, a female heroic character based on Spider man seems possible, fans would love to see if a Spider woman can be there to save the world. However, only if such a character is thought about by the production house then only we can see one.

  • Dracula’s daughter

For an anti-hero character Daisy Ridley can have a try on playing the character Lilith. If you remember Lilith is the popular character who is the daughter of Dracula. MCU fans even love villain character very much. Hence Daisy Ridley would be loved if she gets as Lilith.

Daisy Ridley |  MCU
Lara Jade | Harper Bazaar
  • Rogue, the X-Men character

Rogue of X-Men has a powerful character to portray and Daisy Ridley could be a perfect fit for it. Marvel Studios may finalise Ridley on a similar powerful character either in a crossover or an X-Men series of future, Rogue can be played by her, however, it’s certainly not final.

  •  She Deadpool, a female Deadpool character

Deadpool is an important character of the MCU, but how about getting one female partner as She Deadpool. Sounds good, but it needs to be confirmed, isn’t it? Certainly yes but the character can be truly amazing for Ridley to play onscreen.

Daisy Ridley |  MCU
Lara Jade | Harper Bazaar

Well, let’s hope to get the final confession on Ridley choosing a MCU character for herself soon.