Cure Hashimoto’s Disease with the help of an App! Keeps your diet in check

The thyroid hormone almost affects every process in the body and has an impact on the metabolism and health of a person. It leads to diseases such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Hashimoto causes serious negative impacts on overall health.

Hashimoto’s disease is an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid gland and can even damage it. This disease affects more women than men, according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive Kidney Disease. The symptoms of this disease are weight gain, depression, exhaustion, and Joint pain.

Keto Diet plays an important role in curing the Hashimoto’s disease. To prove this, there is a real-life example of Martina Slajerova who had Hashimoto’s. She could not believe that she had a disease in such a healthy lifestyle. Then she followed keto diet to rejuvenate from the disease.

Cure Hashimoto's Disease with the help of an App! Keeps your diet in check 3


Keto App is founded by Martina Slajerova who had herself gone through the phase of Hashmito’s. She could not restrict herself to maintain a healthy weight.

The ketogenic diet (Keto Dite) comes into play when we cannot change our routine diet habits. Keto diet offers high fat, very low carb is also helpful to get relief from Menopause symptoms. Keto Diet may have some side effect but its remedies are more. But for Slajervoa, Keto Diet helps her to curb weight gain and maintaining hormone levels.

The study was conducted over 87000 women and the result was that following a low carb diet linked to decrease the risk of postmenopausal weight gain. But following the low-fat diet leads to the risk of an increase in weight.

Taking all input and resources Slajerova came up with a keto diet app, a one-stop solution for women suffering from Hashimoto. it contains her experience, personal guidance, and more importantly, it provides knowledge from blogs, videos, and experts at one spot.

The main purpose of the App is to solve the problem and deliver proper routine which helps to curb the disease in an easier way. This App provides recipe ideas, expert articles, and food tracking, etc.