COVID-19: The Pandemic Might Have Put Sussana Reid in Isolation But it Couldn’t Stop her from Wishing Mother’s Day to her Mom. Read to Kno about the Heartfelt Display of Love

By 2 months ago

Hearing out someone is indeed an important need for the said individual. At a time of global shut-down and inability to commute from one place to the other indeed makes an individual far off from their loved ones.

The ‘Good Morning Presenter’ Susanna, 49 years of age who is tested positive for the novel Covid-19 virus is one of those who are under self quarantine with her sons who suspected having cough and are now forced to stay aloof her personal and professional life until fully restored back to normal.

  • Connecting those who are distant, together

Although travel now a days has made it much easier to reach any destination however, the paralysis of the recent virus, The new Covid-19 has made us distant, despite the available facilities to travel. It brings to one’s sorrow to see the video that Susanna Reid had had made for all the mom’s on Mother’s day and sent exclusive love for her mother by sending her a virtual kiss and hug. This was recorded by her over a skype call while there was the pandemic.

  • Essence of love

Although video calls, normal calls, text messages are some methods that every individual always resorts to, in order to be brought close to their loved ones however,this video message was unique that showed how despite the travel restrictions/bans at some extremes, people can still stay connected to each other and show solidarity to their loved ones at times of distress.

Reports suggest that the present time is really critical for the youth of the world as they face social isolation from their loved ones and are obliged to live a life they way they hadn’t consented for. Despite having a hectic schedule, the personality could make some time out for her mother amidst the fear of the rising number of cases in UK. By this kind act, Susanna has expressed her grave concern for her old ageing mother.