Courtney Friel, Ex-Fox News Reporter alleges that Donald Trump manipulated her into kissing him

Ex-Fox News Reporter, Courtney Friel claims that Donald Trump invited her in his place to kiss him.

One of the star reporters at Fox News during her tenure in the media company, Courtney Friel has revealed new but not very surprising news to the media. The ex-Fox News reporter claims that President Donald Trump tried to manipulate her to kiss him before his run for the presidency for the United States.

The 39-year-old reporter, who was sometimes the fill-in host in Trump’s favourite ‘Fox & Friends,’ details about the proposition from him in her upcoming book, ‘Tonight At 10: Kicking Booze and Breaking News,’ which is due for Tuesday. Though she hasn’t specified the exact period of the incident, she alleges that President put forth this offer on a phone call while both were married.

Calling her “the hottest one at Fox News,” Trump allegedly queried the journalist about her career-goals and complimented her work at FNC, she wrote in a sneak peek of her book shared with the Daily News. She had expressed her desires to be a judge at the Miss USA Beauty Pageant, which aired on NBC and was owned by real estate mogul Donald Trump.

Allegedly, Trump called her on the office line and told that she can’t judge the beauty Pageant as she works in a different network, but offered her to visit him at his office so the two could kiss, Friel claims. Outraged and shocked by Trump’s proposition, the news anchor quickly ended the call saying that they are both married.

Courtney Friel, Ex-Fox News Reporter alleges that Donald Trump manipulated her into kissing him.
Picture: AP

Talking about the aftermath, she wrote that the proposition made it difficult for her to report with a straight face on Trump running for president. It infuriated her that he would call all the women who shared stories of his bold advances liars. She totally believes them, she states in the book. “At least now I can joke that I could have banged the President — but I passed,” she finished.

Friel was married to Chris Evans that time and they have 2 children together.