Couple Goals! Gabriella Brooks, Liam Hemsworth’s girlfriend, captured a beach picture for 33rd birthday of Liam.

Gabriella Brooks sends her warmest greetings to Liam Hemsworth on his 33rd birthday

It may appear to be an ordinary day for others, but it’s Liam Day for Gabriella Brooks!

In an Instagram story on Friday, Brooks celebrated her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth’s 33rd birthday. Miley Cyrus‘ breakup song “Flowers,” which seems to make reference to Liam 4 years after their separation, was released the day before the photograph was released. 2009 saw the beginning of Hemsworth and Cyrus’ romance, and following several terms of sporadic romance, they tied the knot in 2018. They eventually split up in August 2019.

Liam and Gabriella’s Relationship Timeline

Liam and Gabriella
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The initial romantic speculations about Liam and Gabriella, both 26 years old, surfaced in December 2019 after he was pictured in Australia welcoming her to his parents, Craig and Leonie Hemsworth. When the meeting took place, a source told E! News that it seemed like a pleasant family situation.

According to sources, Liam and Gabriella enjoy the same things and maintain the same lifestyle, but their connection is entirely different from Miley Cyrus’.

Liam and Gabriella
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The insider continued that It was not a whirlwind of peaks and valleys, and they kept things nice and quiet. Gabriella is an extremely calm and unflappable person. She is well-liked and highly approved of by the family. Liam has met someone who brings out the best in him and makes them happy.

Gabriella and Liam

To commemorate the occasion, the 32-year-old actress posted a lovely beach snapshot of the happy Australian actor swimming in the water.

In January 2020, Liam and Gabriella reportedly spent a considerable amount of time together in Australia and said they were “becoming serious” at the time.

The pair made their Instagram debut in June 2021 when Liam shared a photo of Brooks, Chris, and himself at the Gold Dinner in Sydney alongside Chris’s spouse Pataky and Matt Damon’s spouse Barroso.

Brooks also uploaded a shirtless photo of Liam to her Instagram handle for his 32nd birthday in 2022.

Liam and Brooks continued to travel to Australia frequently even after moving back to Los Angeles in December 2021; their most recent trip was for the Poker Face screening.

We wish these couple would stay and grow together until the end of time!