Controversial! Ye’s Twitter account was suspended by Elon Musk after a swastika remark

Ye’s Twitter Handle Was Restricted By Elon Musk After A Swastika Post

Ye, an artist had previously been banned from Twitter for posting remarks that were both anti-Semitic and Hitler-favoring. Ye’s account was once again suspended after he uploaded a picture of a swastika within a Star of David. The tweet, in Mr. Musk’s opinion, breached the social media platform’s policy against inciting violence.

Kanye West’s Previous Scandals

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He had targeted Jews with a number of antisemitic words and utterances during the past few months. In October, Adidas severed ties with him as well, calling his behaviour “inappropriate, disrespectful, and destructive.” He was prohibited from posting on Instagram after making the remark that Sean Combs, also known as Diddy, was under the authority of Jews.

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Ye also utilised Twitter to make derogatory remarks about Jews. His account had been restricted by Twitter after he published an antisemitic tweet in October, which Twitter also deleted. He agreed to purchase Parler, a social media platform well-liked by right-wing audiences, after being banned from Twitter. The company announced on Thursday that Ye and the company had “mutually decided” to discontinue their deal.

The Most Recent Twitter Suspension

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His Twitter restrictions were removed by October 29. According to Mr. Musk, Twitter had already taken this measure before he bought the business. Kanye West published an image that contained a Star of David, a well-known Jewish sign, inside a swastika, a Nazi symbol that is often associated with the Nazis.

He also shared an unpleasant image of Musk getting hosed by Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel on a boat because he thought he could be suspended. Musk, who calls himself an ardent supporter of free expression, confirmed Ye’s suspension by initially responding, “This is fine,” to the unfavourable image but, “This is not,” in response to the now-deleted swastika tweet.

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Musk responded to a tweet asking him to repair Kanye’s account by saying that he had tried his hardest but that Kanye had once again broken the rules against inciting violence and that his account would be suspended.

In a follow-up tweet, Musk stressed that hia account was suspended for inciting a riot rather than for posting an unpleasant photo of himself and even added that he used the images as inspiration to lose weight.