Confirmed: The Wolf Among Us 2 Trailer to be Launched This Week

Popular Game Wolf Among Us 2 Trailer Coming this Wednesday!

The adventure game Wolf Among Us 2, a sequel to Wolf Among Us, released back in 2013, is to be launched this week. Telltale Games are known for developing super adventure games.

Wolf Among Us 2
Telltale Games

What’s the Game All About?

Wolf Among us 2 is a sequel to the popular adventure game Wolf Among Us, released in 2013. The Wolf Among Us is an episode series mystery drama experience game created by Telltale Games, keeping Bill Willingham’s Fables comic book series. It fills in as a prequel. The game comprises five episodes that were delivered all through 2013 and 2014. It is a single-player game consisting of 5 episodes. The game is set in 1986, nearly twenty years before the release of Fables.

Wolf Among Us
Telltale Games

Here the player controls hero Bigby Wolf, an investigator of strange murders. Throughout the game, the player goes through various 3-D environments, like apartment complexes and a bar. While investigating a backdrop, the player might observe an article they can collaborate with; when this happens, they should move a cursor over the item to choose and inspect it.

Items of premium are put away in the inventory and can be utilized later in the game. The player also can chat with non-player characters and see the discussions introduced as dialogue trees.

What’s in Store For Wolf Among Us 2?

The creators’ Telltale Games made a brief announcement about the sequel in 2017. But the company went bankrupt, which delayed the game. Although in 2019, the game was preannounced. After a wait of 2 years, the game is back with its trailer. Video Game Journalist Geoff Keighley gave a hint about the game’s premiere.

He Tweeted, “Wednesday, it’s at long last time: Greetings from Fabletown! You’re welcome to go along with me for a background check of The Wolf Among Us 2 #TWAU2. Streaming live Wednesday 2/9, 10am PT on Twitch and YouTube. He added,” The Wolf is Back.”

Wolf Among Us 2
Telltale Games

The BTS will also include the new trailer. As per sources, the game will release in late 2022 or in 2023. The game has gained a huge fan following since its release in 2013. Fans can’t keep calm for the sequel of the adventure game. Hope the game releases and does not go for a delay again.