CM Punk lashes out at The Miz via a profanity filled tweet after WWE backstage

CM Punk blasts The Miz with a profanities-filled tweet after WWE Backstage

After yesterday’s episode of WWE Backstage, CM Punk took his social media to lash out The Miz after his comment in the show.

It so happened that the special guest for the yesterday’s WWE Backstage episode hosted by Renee Young and Booker T, A-lister wrestler The Wiz took a major jibe at the former wrestler CM Punk and is now the analyst for FS1.

As the filming of the episode was wrapping up, “Oh yeah, we are now done with WWE Backstage,” The Miz said. “They are taking the microphones off me. It was great, it was amazing. Prodding the hosts, he said that he feels like it was the best WWE Backstage episode ever. It was the best… was it the best-ever?” he repeated.

As the prodding from the wrestler continued, host of the show, Renne named the first episode that had Ember Moon as the featured guest, which aired on November 19 as the best episode of WWE Backstage.

If you can recall then you would remember that Punk had surprised everyone during the November 12, 2019, WWE Backstage episode. It was a fun-filled episode and it had concluded with Punk’s parting words, “It’s as simple as this, just when they think they’ve got the answers, I change the culture. I’ll see you here next week.”

Taking the jibe at the Punk using his parting words, The Miz replied, “Oh, sorry. I didn’t ‘change the culture,’ My bad. My bad,” probably not approving Renee choosing Punk’s episode feature over his.

CM Punk blasts The Miz with a profanities-filled tweet after WWE Backstage.

This jibe didn’t sit well with the analyst who took twitter to comment about it, using profanity-filled tweet against the wrestler. Though he later deleted the tweet, people got the message.