Chris Hemsworth thanks his mother and his wife for everything they have done and shares an extremely sweet message. Check it out!

Hola, Amigos. On today’s special day, everyone is turning towards there mom to tell them how special they are for their kids. Also, this COVID-19 has healed a lot of damaged relationships. It has brought forward the essence of life, forgive,s and move on.

One of our hottest Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth took on Instagram to wish her two beloved ladies on this special day. One of them was his wife Elsa Pataky and her mother, Leonie Hemsworth. He pays tribute to all the super moms out there in the world.

Chris Hemsworth took on Instagram stories to express his love and posted a beautiful picture in which the trio posed in a very chillax manner. The two women wore black and out cutipie had put on a beige shirt and spectacular sunglasses.

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I love Christmas it really brings people together. Thanks @elsapatakyconfidential and her Spanish family for truly making me feel part of the family @cristianprieto.filmmaker

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Elsa Pataky’s look was naive, and she looked gorgeous in the same. She preferred not to wear makeup, and her eyes were gleaming along with her skin’s complexion. This was just one of the constituents. In the second picture, the adorable mum and son duo posted a candid in which Chris was pouting, and he hugged her mother closely. They are just so adorable, aren’t they?

Thor star also stated out that since he has started earning what Hollywood’s A-Listed Actors earn, his dream of paying off his parents’ home has come turned out to be true. He, in one of his interviews, also revealed that he was passionate about acting and has decided to make it his career, and hence he did not focus on anything else. Hence, he said he was only good at acting! Such a true fellow!

Have you wished your mother today? And what special did you do for her?  Say to me in the comment section.