Check out exclusive clips of the audience reacting to Avengers End Game: you NEED to see this!

The Marvel Comics’ prodigy Avengers Endgame is “one of the most expensive movies ever made”. Joe Russo and Anthony Russo’s Avenger Endgame has a massive box office collection of $2.798 Billion!
The fandom goes bonkers all through the portal scenes during the movie’s opening. A year has passed since its release and the fandom is reminiscing it all over again amidst the crisis.

Post the heartbreaking occurrences of Avengers: Infinity Battle, Avengers: Endgame too marked the swan song for selective MCU’s founding heroes! After a five-year time warp, the heroes who have survived assemble with the goal to bring back the ones who faced fatality due to Thano’s snap. And they do achieve their goal. How can we forget the “Avengers assembly”? The moment when the heroes on the cusp of losing the war against The Mad Titan & Co.

The fandom had been eagerly looking forward to hearing Captain America deliver the classic dialogue, just as in the comic (He had many chances to say it, though!)

The ones who were a part of the Avengers: Endgame divulged that they ruminated the number of ways in which the portal moments could be put into effect. And of course, they ended up doing it in the ‘marvellous’ way! The fandom was overwhelmed to see their favourite heroes getting back to life. It was quite a celebratory moment for the fans.

The Marvel Studious did a brilliant job as the fans found contentment in the conclusion of the Infinity Saga. It was a game-changer, won a million hearts!

Oh, well. Looks like the people just can’t get enough of the Endgame.

“Quarantine has got to me these avengers endgame tweets got me over here like #AvengersEndgame” tweeted a fan. We can totally relate. Totally.