#celluLIT: The “RAW, REAL!” Demi Lovato!! See what the singer-actress has to saw about herself!!


Natural is always better than artificial. Demi Lovato believes it in-and-out as she made a bold move by posting a picture of herself over social media. The picture depicted her curves in their natural proportion.. Not even a slightest bit of it was photoshopped. Result? An ocean of appreciations!

Demetria Devonna Lovato is a singer, songwriter, and actress of American origin. ‘Barney and friends’ the infamous children’s television show was the actress’s debut program. Lavato progressed her career through Disney Channel’s ‘Camp Rock’ (2008) and ‘Camp Rock 2’ (2010). The singer-actress even featured as a judge in the reality show, ‘X-Factor’ (U.S version). Demi Lovato has secured many awards and nominations, some of which include ‘MTV Video Music Award,’ ‘Teen Choice Award’ and ‘People’s Choice Award.’ She bagged her name on the ‘Guinness World Record’ as being the youngest judge of ‘X- Factor.’

Apart from her entertainment career, Lovato made her name in the field of social service too. The award for ‘Mental Health’ was given to her at the ‘National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day,’ 2016. She was also awarded the ‘GLAAAD Vanguard Award’ for her active contribution towards the LGBT community.

On 6th September 2019, Demi posted a picture of herself on Instagram. The photo showed Demi is a cheetah-skin printed bikini. The best and the boldest part of the picture was that it was completely free of any edits or filters and showed how Demi looks for ‘real.’ Her natural skin portraying her feminine curves did prove how hot she is. Her true beauty is clearly visible in the photo. She uploaded it to convey that having a bit of cellulite is pretty natural and of course, quite hot as well.



The actress confesses that it is her “biggest fear” to have herself a clicked in a bikini and to post it “unedited.” She referred to herself as “RAW, REAL!”