Castlevania Season 5: After the Stunning Spin-off Trailer, is the Popular Anime Castlevania Preparing for a New Season too? Shocking Details

Castlevania Season 5 could be in works?

Both critically and monetarily, the Castlevania anime was a hit. The first two seasons are remakes of Castlevania III, which debuted in 1989. Dracula’s Curse must fall on Trevor Belmont, Alucard, and Sypha Belnades. While defending the Wallachian country from Dracula and his followers.

The anime series’ plot centred around a vampire’s wife being wrongfully accused of witchcraft and being burned at the stake. Count Vlad Dracula promises that the people of Wallachia will pay the price in blood

The last season of Castlevania is now available on Netflix, concluding the story of Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades, and Alucard as they face the horrors that began after Dracula declared war on humanity for the murder of his wife.


The question now is, what follows after Season 4? While the final season of Castlevania wraps up the tale, there are still loose ends that will be picked up in future editions. With that in mind, we’ve compiled all of the information we have on Castlevania Season 5 so you can relax and enjoy the carnage.

Is there a possibility of Castlevania season 5?

If Castlevania Season 5 is in the works, the earliest it may be released is July 2022. (there was a similar 14-month gap between Seasons 3 and 4) However, now that production is complete, it will be a long time until we return to the Castlevania universe on Netflix with Castlevania season 5.

Although fans are disappointed that the series has not been renewed, no reason has been given. Even Netflix terminated the show without giving a reason, and the streaming provider keeps watching statistics private. Nobody knows why the show was cancelled, however it could be due to a reduction in popularity.

We admire the series for keeping a number of cliffhangers and delivering a genuine, natural, and unambiguous conclusion to the previous season, allowing future seasons to be more viable.

Is there a trailer for Castlevania Season 5?

Netflix has yet to determine whether or not to order more Castlevania episodes. Season 4 was announced as the final season in April, indicating that the story of Trevor Belmont would end after returning to Targoviste, where it all began.


Though Netflix hasn’t explicitly stated that Castlevania is cancelled, the corporation has essentially confirmed it by repeatedly stating that this is the show’s final season. This appears to be the case, as the story ends on a rather definitive and cheerful note.

What happens after Castlevania?

Saint Germain (Bill Nighy) is duped into helping to bring Dracula (Graham McTavish) back from hell in the final episodes of Castlevania. Death, who was acting as a vampire named Varney, was the one who was assisting Saint Germain, or rather directing him for his own sinister objectives (Malcolm McDowell). Dracula’s fondness for death resulted in a lot of, well, death. Dracula had died, and the spectre was hungry, so he devised a scheme to resurrect the vampire lord.

Death is, of course, destroyed by Trevor Belmont (Richard Armitage), who uses an unique holy blade in the shape of a cross to stab Death. Trevor pushes Death into the Infinite Corridor, expelling him from this dimension, with the help of a dying Saint Germain. Belmont is last seen half-dead at Dracula’s former castle, reunited with a now-pregnant Sypha (Alejandra Reynoso) and a befuddled Alucard (James Callis) as they set out to rebuild the world now that Dracula and his reign of terror are finally over — or is it?

Why was Castlevania cancelled by Netflix?

Even if Netflix didn’t officially terminate Castlevania, the recent scandal surrounding writer Warren Ellis being accused of sexual harassment and abuse by several women resulted in Netflix removing him from all future Castlevania productions.


When the claims surfaced, it appears that production on Season 4 of Castlevania was already well underway. Ellis had completed the episodes, which all bear his credit as a writer.

Is there going to be Castlevania season 5?

Maybe is the quick answer. The longer answer is that nothing has been confirmed as of yet, as Netflix has been quite quiet in recent months when it comes to Castlevania. Nonetheless, several cast members and crew members have spoken out regarding the show’s future story possibilities.

“Netflix is eyeing a new series set in the same Castlevania universe with an entirely new cast of characters,” Deadline reported when Season 4 of Castlevania was announced as the final season. As a result, it’s probable that a spinoff is in the works.

The Castlevania universe is large enough to host a variety of series. After all, the games hop around in time and feature a variety of characters; future Netflix episodes could follow like. Producer Kevin Kolde stated to Monsters and Critics that he is in talks to continue the plot in multiple shows.

“We’re absolutely looking at continuing the Castlevania universe in the future,” he stated, adding that a new creative team would be required for Castlevania season 5.

In Season 5 or another series, where may Castlevania go?

Netflix doesn’t appear to be interested in continuing Castlevania season 4’s specific tale, although the closing episode does sow a few seeds for the future Castlevania season 5. For starters, Death is now a true villain, and he’s furious. Though Death is imprisoned in the Infinite Corridor, it’s easy to imagine him breaking out and inflicting devastation once more.

The closing scene features a very much alive Dracula and his very much alive wife, Lisa (Emily Swallow), who are now posing as Mr. and Mrs. Tepes. We observe them check into an inn in a little town and simply… rest. For the first time, Dracula appears to be content. He even chooses to abandon his son Alucard. Dracula envisions a bright new future in a distant country as he sets his sights on a rural English town called Whitby at the end of the scene.


The Whitby Abbey is one of the locations in Bram Stoker’s original Dracula novel where Dracula is changed into a big dog-like beast. The abbey also acts as the scene for Castlevania: Bloodlines’ sixth and final stage, which is entirely unrelated to the rest of the games.

Could that game serve as a starting point for Castlevania season 5 or spin-off? Maybe. More importantly, it demonstrates that, given Dracula’s immortality, Castlevania is capable of stretching its reach to include many various locales and even timelines.

The Castlevania Series spin-off

They were also said to be working on a spin-off series set in the Castlevania universe, based around Richter Belmont’s son Trevor. The Castlevania Universe continues to grow. It implies that there is sufficient story to warrant further Castlevania series.

In 2018, Adi Shankar purchased the animated series rights to ‘Devil May Cry.’ In the bootleg multiverse, the game will join Castlevania,’ he told IGN.

The screenplay for the Devil May Cry series has finally been changed after three years. He informed Comicbook that everything for season one is finished.

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