Cardi B & Offset ink each other with their wedding date for Valentine’s Day

Love Is In The Air For Cardi B

Cardi B and her husband Offset has recently inked with each other for their wedding date to be on Valentine’s.

The famous ‘WAP’ singer Cardi B shared a new episode of Facebook Watch show, ‘Cardi Tries’ on Friday. She was seen her hand tattooing for the first time. She said that the tattoo will be for her husband and she will be the one to draw.

On a clip obtained by People magazine, Cardi shared this crazy news of her tattooing for her husband on Valentine’s.

Cardi B and Offset Dating News

Cardi B, Offset ink each other with their wedding date for Valentine's Day

Cardi B and Offset began dating in 2017 and got engaged later that year showing their how speedy their love is. She then gave the fans a news with her pregnancy announcement in 2018. It was around her six months of her pregnancy when she delivered this god news to the media.

Well, those couple got secretly marries reported by TMZ while it was later confirmed by the artists through a social media post. Cardi B then gave birth to their beautiful daughter in 2018. However, it was also reported that the duo getting separated and that the singer filed for divorce. Nonetheless, the couple got back and together and their love is continuing by now. In addition to that, Cardi B recently gave birth to their second child, a son on 4th of September 2021.

Duo’s Love In The Ink

Cardi B, Offset ink each other with their wedding date for Valentine's Day

After Cardi B revealed her crazy idea of making a tattoo on her husband’s hand she asked him to trust her. In the clip she said that the both of them will be getting tatted but as for her husband it will be her who’ll be making it.

According to People magazine, Cardi B practiced on synthetic tattooable skin while being coached by Offset’s tattoo artist Nico Hurtado. Cardi B gave her husband a little love ink on his hand with the numbers of their wedding date – ‘9/20/17’. After Cardi’s turn her husband wanted to give the same numbers and he did well too.

The couple already has many artistic art on their body but this one will be special for them!