Cardi B interested in getting into Politics? Her meeting with Bernie Sanders encouraging young people to take interest in Politics.

American politician, Bernie Sanders and Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar famous with the stage name rapper Cardi B met and encouraged the young people to take more interest in the field of politics. Bernie Sanders and Cardi B discussed the political issues in there meeting. The 2020 presidential democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders was unsuccessful for the nomination as president in the year 2016, but now he is running again.

Sanders is known to be a democratic socialist and progressive moreover; he opposes economic inequality in the nation. He has been serving as a Junior United States Senator since 2007.

 The video of the meeting is not out yet, and it is expected to be released soon. Cardi B shared a picture of herself and Sanders on Instagram. She was very obliged to meet the politician and that he shared his plans and views for the good of the people with her.

Cardi B continued with the fact that she had asked her followers about their questions that they would ask if they were in her place, and she discussed them with Sanders. She made the fans even keener for the release of their video of conversation and to stay tuned.

Sanders also shared a picture and tweeted about his meeting. He told that they had a great conversation about the future of America and told the people to stay tuned for their upcoming video of their talk.

Cardi B has always been updated with the history of American politics, and prominently has spoken about it most of the times. She said that we had let Sanders down in 2016. She added on with her tweet that Sanders has been fighting for equal rights, human rights for a long time and that he is passionate for the betterment of the country. She even encouraged her fans to share information about the Democratic presidential candidates further and to support them.