Bryce Halls still thinks Addison Rae was the best girl ever and would want to date her again! Read to know the full story.


Member of the Sway House, Bryce Hall is still having his eyes for his ex girlfriend Addison Rae. Both of them are really famous tiktok stars and have a lot of followers on the platform. Addison specially is loved by everyone because of her cute style in the tiktok videos. Read below to know what all is going on between them.

Recently, Bryce had an interview through skype in which he was continuously complimenting about Addison. Fortunately, a tiktok drama Instagram recorded it. First of all Bryce cleared that although there are humours that he and Addison are back into the relationship, they are just friends now. He confirmed that there’s nothing going on between them and that they both still talk normally like friends.

However, he said that their fans do want to see both of them back together. And that’s pretty much true. But he did suggested a possibility that they could date in the future. He said that he isn’t confirming that they will get back in future. And neither did he deny the fact that may be they will. But he did confirm that he loves Addison and the feeling is somewhat mutual.

Presently, they are not into a relationship. But Bryce did say that she is the best of all the girls he has ever been in relationship with. He even said that he was really happy when they were in a relationship. And the relationship has had a positive impact on his life and helped him quit many of his notorious practices.

And few days after the skype interview, Bryce released a video in which he said that he wants to date Addison again. Bryce even posted a tweet recently, that goes like, “I miss you” and it’s undoubtedly for Addison.