Britney Spears Invited to Talk About her Conservatorship by Congress

Britney Spears invited to the White House to share her story

American singer-songwriter Britney Spears is on hype on social media for sometime now due to her family matters. However, recently, her Instagram post of an invitation stating to speak in front of Congress is trending. On Wednesday, she unravelled about the invite she received from Reps. Eric Swalwell and Charlie Crist. Moreover, she captioned the post saying she felt ‘heard’ when she got it in December 1, 2021. She added she was grateful that her story of battle against 13-year-long conservatorship got immense response.

britney spears
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The heart wrenching battle of ‘Femme Fatale’ credited Britney Spears made people curious to more detail of the story, background and details about her struggle as well as escape. Her journey from abusive relations to finally getting her freedom from her father, Jamie Spears after a long battle in Nov 2021 should be told to mass to make the long concealed voices audible.

Heart touching words of Congressmen

To celebrate her courage, Congressmen Charlie Crist and Eric Swalwell congratulated her in a letter and requested her to share her thoughts and journey in her own words. In addition, they added that the speech could encourage millions who are still stuck in the emotional and financial turmoil. Moreover, inspired victim could also get the bravery to stand for themselves. In addition, they threw light upon the sensitive ugly side guardianship and conservatorship process. Moreover, congressmen wished good luck encouraging her “journey towards justice”.

britney spears
CREDIT – britneyspears

Britney Spears’ emotional caption

In response to the invitation, Spears exclaimed that it was a emotional moment for her. When she was churning between emotions, her family drama and intense fights even after great victory, she found the letter quite healing and motivating. Moreover, she sighed on her situation where her beloved are against her.

In addition, she showed her gratefulness to her friends who didn’t leave her behind in problems and always supported her. Furthermore, in the end, she stressed upon the fact that she always wanted to be seen as ‘inspiration’ rather than ‘victim’. Following, she vowed to help victims who were still suffering the abuse.