Britney Spears Calls Writing Her Book “Healing & Therapeutic” Experience

Is Britney Spears Writing A Book?

While Britney Spears has always had a life full of ups & down. Her life at present is going through some good changes and yes there were speculations on her writing a book. After her more than a decade long end of conservatorship, the singer is certainly up with something and here’s what it could be.

Britney Spears confirms writing a book

Britney Spears
Instagram/ Britney Spears

It was Monday this week, when the singer took to her Instagram to confirm that she’s writing a book. In her recent post on social media she revealed how the singer is busy writing a book that will unveil all the major and minor highs & lows of her life. Though the singer hasn’t spoken about the release of the book.

She did mention that she felt the writing process for her book has been “healing & therapeutic” as well as hard for her. The singer has revealed on how she has expressed every incident of her life that she hasn’t been able to share with anyone in the book.

Spears’ fiancé commented on her post

Instagram/ Britney Spears

Well, while Spears has finally come out of her more than decade long conservatorship. Her love life after ups and downs finally has her fiancé Sam Asghari by her side. After the singer revealed on her Instagram about her book.

Her fiancé Asghari commented on the post as “I’m buying the first copy”. Meanwhile, the singer has had a sour equation with her sister Jamie Lynn Spears after Lynn wrote a book and promoted it revealing some facts about Britney. To which Britney reacted saying that her sister is selling her books at the cost of her.

Meanwhile, according to reports from Page Six, the singer is believed to have finalised a deal for her book with the publisher Simon & Schuster for about $15 million.