Britney Spears Calls family feud absolutely “tacky” in her Open Letter to sister!

“Just know I love you”- Britney Spears conveys her message to sister Jamie Lynn Spears.

The heated argument between the popular American singer-songwriter and her sister seems to have calmed down. On Saturday, the Grammy winner issued quite a lengthy post on Twitter regarding the ingoing family feud.

After initially accusing her sister Jamie Lynn Spears of trying to use her to sell her book, Britney Spears has taken her words back saying she loves her sister “unconditionally” despite the heated situation.

Jamie Lynn Spears
Instagram | Jamie Lynn

This is what Britney said in her apology post

The “Toxic” singer wrote to Jamie saying that she didn’t think the book was about her and justified her previous harsh words on the fact that her sister hurt her by making up false stories about her. She further acknowledged her sister’s hard work and praised her on her achievements.

The singer opened up about her family issues

She added that her family wasn’t even remotely hard on her sister as they were on her. The issue between Britney Spears and her father has always been in controversy and addressing to that, the singer said that her father has treated her in a way worse than how criminals are treated.

It seems all Britney wanted was her sister Jamie Lynn’s support because the 90s pop star confessed that it seemed insane to her how her sister sat back and acted completely aloof amongst everything that was happening to Spears.

“All I know is I love you unconditionally”- Britney posted, after which she clarified how tacky it was for a family to fight publicly. She also said to Jamie that even though her sister claims to love her, yet she stays loyal to the people who hurt her.

Spears ended the post admiring her sister for being strong. She said she didn’t care anymore about what’s being said, wished her sister a beautiful life and said she loved Jamie more than anything.

For the unversed, Britney Spears and her father have been in a 13-year-long controversy where the latter was in entire control of the singer’s personal life and estate. Spears finally got her freedom in November, 2021.