Breaking Baz: Quentin Tarantino’s New Film About 1970s Movie Critic and Retirement Plans Revealed!

Breaking Baz: Quentin Tarantino Announces New Film and Retirement Plans

Quentin Tarantino recently sat down with Baz Bamigboye, a columnist from Deadline Hollywood, to discuss his upcoming film, The Movie Critic, and his plans for retirement. Here’s a breakdown of the exclusive interview.

Tarantino’s Retirement Plans


Tarantino has been hinting at his retirement for years, and he recently confirmed that The Movie Critic will be his final motion picture.

Age is Just a Number

Baz challenges Tarantino’s retirement plans, asking if anyone believed he would actually retire at age 60. Tarantino responds that he’s not giving up the gig entirely; he could still write for TV, do a short film or a play.

Ending on Top

Tarantino explains that he wants to go out “on top” and not work to diminishing returns. He is committed to the theatrical experience and is partnering with Sony for his last film.

The Movie Critic


Tarantino’s last film, The Movie Critic, is about a critic from the 1970s.

The Inspiration

The movie is based on a man who wrote for a porno magazine – not Pauline Kael, as some have speculated.

The Popstar Pages

The critic worked for a publication called The Popstar Pages. His writing was funny and full of curse words and racial slurs. He was cynical and wrote about mainstream movies from a unique perspective that mixed early Howard Stern with Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver.

The Leading Man

Tarantino hasn’t decided who will play the lead in The Movie Critic, but he knows it won’t be Leonardo DiCaprio or Brad Pitt. The actor will need to be in their mid 30s, and Tarantino is also looking for someone new to add to his repertory company.

The Filming Location

Tarantino plans to film The Movie Critic in California with Sony Pictures.

Rebel Wilson Signs with Warner Music


Rebel Wilson has signed a deal with Warner Music for her own label, Rebellionaire, which will release the soundtrack for her feature debut, The Deb.

The Inspiration

Rebel Wilson was introduced to The Deb through a scholarship program she supports at Sydney’s Australian Theatre for Young People.

The First Release

The first release from Rebellionaire will be The Deb’s soundtrack, which is set to drop next year alongside the film’s launch.


Quentin Tarantino and Rebel Wilson have both made headlines this week with their new projects. Tarantino’s final film, The Movie Critic, is set to begin pre-production next month, while Wilson’s Rebellionaire label is releasing the soundtrack for The Deb, her feature directorial debut.

Breaking Baz: FAQ

1. Will The Movie Critic be released in theaters?

Yes, Tarantino is partnering with Sony, which is committed to the theatrical experience.

2. Is anyone from Tarantino’s repertory company in The Movie Critic?

No, the lead for The Movie Critic will be someone new.

3. When will The Deb be released?

The Deb’s soundtrack is set to release next year alongside the film’s launch.

4. Will The Deb be Wilson’s last film project?

It’s unclear if The Deb will be Wilson’s last film project.

5. What is Rebellionaire’s first release?

The first release from Rebellionaire will be The Deb’s soundtrack, due out next year.